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to help people
make the difference

Marco Stolk

General Manager CooperVision Benelux


Thank you for meeting me here on-line.

As a firm believer in the power of collaborative innovation, I want to share what drives me in my life and in my work. I present my perspective on societal and market trends (vision), articulate my personal commitment to foster positive change (mission), describe the activities that I perform wholeheartedly (passion) and explain how I have become the person who I am now (profession).

Collaborative innovation demands an authentic willingness to make each other great. If after visiting me here, you think that we could make a difference together, do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Marco Stolk

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Image of Vision


As an executive in the eyewear market, I am constantly aware of the importance of good vision. Seeing what is happening around you is not only conducive to happiness in your private life but also critical to your professional success. We are living in disruptive times. What seemed to be normal yesterday, is outdated today and will seize to exist tomorrow.

Image of Mission


I firmly believe that everyone deserves the chance to reach his or her full potential. To make each other great, it is essential to connect in communities of purpose and engage in meaningful projects. It is my personal mission to create new connections to help people make the difference. Both in their work and in their life.

Image of Passion


If some people like watching things happen, I am passionate about making things happen. I get inspired by meeting new people and doing new business. What drives me in both my private and professional life is to help people realise untapped potential. I have learned to produce hard results with soft skills. It’s by making new connections – between people, between ideas – that I make things happen.


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